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We concentrate one game only: Crimopolis.
Crimopolis is a fast paced and fun board game about bean-shooters, chippies and dough in a city where nothing counts but underground influence. Set in 1926, your aim is to become the most prestigious criminal. You recruit gangsters, explore the city, execute illicit jobs, ambush others and take over their assets. News reporters get in the way, but fortunes balance it. Crimopolis is a twisted reality tabletop game for 2-5 players aged 14+, has few rules and creates moments that stick in memory.
Crimopolis is the base game of the so called Crimopolis Empire. It introduces you to the world of crime, as it may have happened in the 1920s, and lays the cornerstones for a deeper gameplay. Evolutions open doors to the darker underground world with more crime and all sorts of illicit activities. They add completely new game­play aspects with additional rules, strategies, material and challenges. Every evolution has its own theme to suit the taste of different players.

About Us
Cheap Sheep Games is new in the board game publishing industry, and all of it just happened by accident. Working on Crimopolis started in 2013. It turned into a serious adventure since then. The game is ready in its final prototype stage and will be published in multiple languages in 2019.
We are an Indie game publisher consisting of locals from Christchurch: Sven Obermaier is the founder of Cheap Sheep Games and a board game designer, Sarah Blackburn is a co-designer and lead play tester, Jan Willert is a co-designer and game developer, and Rebecca Gibbs is our contracted illustrator.
We are grateful for the support we get from friends, other game designers and local businesses. Crimopolis is dear to our hearts and we love to share our experience.

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We socialize so get it touch on Twitter, Facebook and BoardGameGeek. However, if you prefer us to respond via email, leave a message and we'll get back as soon as we get a chance.
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