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Castleshire 🏰
Our latest game Castleshire is designed by Till Peters. It is coming to Kickstarter on May 24, 2022. Its release is planned for March 2023.
Enter a mystical kingdom ruled by an eccentric Majesty besotted with the idea of building the perfect castle. This obsession leads to the erection of magnificent buildings in a world that will be remembered as Castleshire: the land of the thousand castles. You are a rising master-builder and dream of leaving a lasting legacy. You compete in building the chambers of their Majesty’s perfect castle. You are driven by only one goal: to become the most famous master-builder of all time.
Castleshire is a bluffing, memorizing, and shenanigans strategy board game for 2-6 players aged 12 and up. It comes with up to 10 built-in expansions and plays in 30 to 45 minutes.

​​​​​​​Crimopolis 💣
Our flagship game Crimopolis was awarded Best Physical Game at the NZ Games Festival 2020. 
Crimopolis is a fast-paced strategy board game about bean-shooters, chippies, and dough in a city where nothing counts but underground influence. Set in 1926, your aim is to become the most prestigious gangster. You recruit criminals, explore the city, execute illicit jobs, ambush others and take over their assets. News reporters get in the way, but fortunes balance it.
Crimopolis is an easy-to-learn tabletop game for 2-5 players aged 12+, has few rules, and creates moments that stick in memory.​​​​​​

About Us 🎲
Cheap Sheep Games is new in the tabletop industry, and all of it just happened by accident. The work on our award-winning game Crimopolis started in 2013. It turned into a serious adventure since then. It is on sale now. Our new game Castleshire will come to Kickstarter in May 2022 and will be available in retail in 2023. We are also working on a 2.5D jigsaw puzzle, planned to be released in 2025.
We are a New Zealand-based indie game publisher. Sven Obermaier is the founder of Cheap Sheep Games. He's a board game designer. Sarah Blackburn was the lead playtester of Crimopolis and was as deeply involved in the game development as Sven himself.  Jan Willert is a game developer and the helping hand if everything else fails. Rebekah Farr is our illustrator for Castleshire. Sam Rodger was our illustrator for Crimopolis.
Our games are dear to our hearts and we love to share our experiences. We are grateful for the support we get from friends, other game designers, local businesses, and most importantly, the many, many players who put us to the acid test.

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